High Fashion: Top Gifts for Stoner Girls

Angelica Sorauf

With the legalization of cannabis slowly spreading across the US, the stigma associated with smoking weed is dwindling every day. We created Midnight Toke to help normalize the discussion around marijuana through fashion that is cute and accessible. Here are our top picks for gifts for the stoner girl in your life.

1. Blunts Before Boys Crop Top

Blunts Before Boys - Girls Who Like Weed Clothing

The Blunts Before Boys Crop Top is perfect for warm weather days and pairs great with high waisted jeans or skirts. And honestly, the messaging is spot on. Remember: boys come and go, weed is forever.

2. "Baked" Pendant Necklace

This pendant necklace is a subtle way to show your love for cannabis. The pendant itself is small, creating a very delicate and dainty look. It's available in both silver and gold and a short 16" or long 30" length chain.

3. Roll More Joints Muscle Tee

The Roll More Joints Muscle Tank gets right down to what's truly important: making sure the good vibes just keep coming.